Wisdom tooth removal and tooth extraction

Tooth Extraction Overview

A Tooth Extraction procedure, more commonly referred to as Dental Extraction, is the removal of teeth from the tooth socket in the mouth.

Surgical tooth extraction procedure is mostly performed for removing wisdom teeth, damaged tooth root, denser-than-normal bone around the offending tooth.

Who is this for
  • Tooth extraction procedure is mostly performed for crowded mouth, root Infection, at risk of infection due to ongoing medical treatment, gum disease.
Treatment abroad
  • Minimum stay: 1 Day
  • Number of trips: 1
Treatment process
  • The average surgical tooth extraction can take anything from 30 minutes to two hours.
  • Pain, swelling and bleeding should subside after the first 24 hours.

Tooth Extraction Cost


Tooth Extraction


Surgical Tooth Extraction


Tooth Extraction Process

How does tooth extraction process?

  1. Anaesthesia: Your dental surgeon will start by giving you a series of injections. Two or more may be needed in your gum, depending on the nature of the problem. There's a chance that you will be offered a general anaesthetic.
  2. An incision (Only for surgical tooth extraction): A surgical tooth extraction is needed when a simple forceps extraction isn't possible. This may be due to the fact for example, the tooth is broken. To gain access to the tooth a small incision is made within the gum. This provides the dentist with better access to the tooth and the surrounding bone.
  3. Tooth removal: Your surgeon will always try to remove the tooth in a single piece. However, this isn't always possible. In some cases, the safest course of action is to first break the tooth into pieces before extracting each segment individually using special tools.
  4. Stitching (Only for surgical tooth extraction): Once the surgeon is confident that the entire tooth has been removed, they will use two or three stitches to close the wound. These stitches are usually dissolvable, so you do not need to attend a separate appointment for their removal.

What should I expect?

A good surgeon will be able to minimise the pain you experience. However, this is invasive surgery, and it will involve a degree of pain - most of which comes after the procedure. Although most extractions are performed fast, complications can lead to longer surgeries. Most people are able to undergo surgical tooth extraction with a local anaesthetic. After an extraction, most people are left with an opening in their gum (where the extracted tooth used to be). You'll need to follow strict eating, drinking and hygiene guidelines for up to 10 days in order to allow the wound to fully heal. This might involve some disruption to your daily routines. You'll need to take care of your wound for several days after your surgery. Your surgeon will talk you through the recovery period before you go in for the procedure.


Tooth extraction process images

After Care

What is the post-operative care for a tooth extraction procedure?

  • For 24 hours, the patient must not rinse their mouth and they should avoid spitting forcefully. 
  • Painkillers, in case of intense pain, should be taken at the prescription of the doctor. 
  • Hard foods should be eaten after 24 hours of surgery in order to avoid hurting the operated area. 

Tooth Extraction FAQ

How painful is the procedure?

A good surgeon will be able to minimise the pain you experience. However, this is invasive surgery, and it will involve a degree of pain - most of which comes after the procedure.

Can I brush immediately my surgery?

It is always advised to brush while avoiding the area of extraction to ward off infections.

Potential risks and side effects

  • Infection.
  • Excessive bleeding.
  • Nausea.
  • Excessive swelling.
  • The success rate of routine surgical tooth extractions is close to 100 percent.


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