Our Clinic

We are welcoming you in our way-out modern medical complex with high medical standards.

We are located in the hearth of Istanbul, close to the touristic area and just a few steps away from our partner hotel. With our patient oriented service approach we served thousands of patients from over 50 countries so far.

High Medical Standards
  • Specialist medical staffs with high experience
  • Certified by Ministry of Health
  • UV sterilization in each room
  • Hygienic sliding doors
  • High-end sterilization units
  • Air purifier system in each room

Patient Oriented Service

  • Patient case managers speak in your native language
  • Netflix, Youtube Premium, Wifi access in the rooms
  • Patient-specific cabinet locks
  • Free in-door restaurant and cafe
  • In the center of the city, next to the touristic area

Latest Technologies

  • Consumables from US and European medical suppliers
  • Low noise dental drills
  • 3D scanning, 3D printing and Cad-Cam supported laboratory
  • Teledentistry support



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