Medical Travel

Godent Clinic offers transfer and accommodation packages for the international patients so that along with their treatment, they can have an all round safe and comfortable experience from their landing in Istanbul until their departure. These packages include the VIP transfer from the airport to the contracted hotel where patients stay for the duration of their treatment process and the VIP transfer from the hotel back to the airport for the return flight.

Airport Transfer

Our patients are met by our staff at the airport upon their arrival and driven to the hotel with VIP minivan vehicles. Upon departure, our patients are taken from the hotel and dropped off at the airport.


As Godent Clinic, our priority in choosing the accommodation solution for our patients is its proximity to our clinic. That is why we work with Veyron Hotel which is only 40 metres distant. Our patients do not therefore need to use any transport from the hotel to the clinic as we are only a few steps away.

FAQ About Travel

What place does Istanbul have within the medical tourism industry?

Turkey ranks 5th among the countries with the highest number of medical tourists. Istanbul, as Turkey's biggest city, hosts every year the majority of these visitors.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, you can pay by credit card at our clinic. A 3% bank commission for Visa and Master Card and a 5% bank commission for American Express are applied.

Do I need a visa and can you help me get a visa to come to Turkey?

Turkey's visa application procedure is as follows.Turkey's visa application procedure is as follows.

  1. Countries whose citizens can enter Turkey just with a national ID card (no need for passport): Germany France, Georgia, Switzerland, Italy, The Turkish Republic of Norther Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Greece.
  2. Countries whose citizens can enter Turkey with the passport: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Morocco, Finland, South Korea, Israel, Sweden, Iceland, Japan, Montenegro, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Hungary, Monaco, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Vatican City.
  3. Countries whose citizens can enter Turkey by obtaining a national ID card and Turkish electronic visa (e-Visa): Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Malta, Portugal.
  4. Countries that can enter our country with passport andTurkish electronic visa (e-Visa): U.S.A., Austria, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, China, Armenia, Croatia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Norway, Poland, Saudi Arabia. For electronic visa (e-Visa) application visit:

Can I bring guests with me?

Yes, you can bring guests with you. If you specify that you will come accompanied, your case manager will assist you with accommodation and any other need.

Is the clinic in the city centre or near the tourist areas?

Our clinic is located in the most central part of the city and it is an area that operates as financial and health services hub. It is also relatively close to the main tourist attractions.

  • Dolmabahçe Palace - 6 km - 23 minutes by metro
  • Galata Tower - 7 km - 23 minutes by metro
  • Taksim Square and Istiklal Street - 7 km - 17 minutes by metro
  • Maiden Tower - 7 km - 29 minutes by metro
  • Grand Bazaar - 9 km - 33 minutes by metro
  • Hagia Sophia - 10 Km - 39 minutes by metro
  • Topkapi Palace - 11 Km - 41 minutes by metro
  • Sultanahmet - 10 Km - 37 minutes by metro
  • Yerebatan Cistern - 10 Km - 38 minutes by metro
  • Süleymaniye Mosque - 9 km - 32 minutes by metro

* Gayrettepe metro station is a 5-minute walk from our clinic.

Which airport shall I fly to and from?

There are two airports in Istanbul: Istanbul Airport (IST) and Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW). Our clinic is approximately at an equal distance from both airports and we provide our patients with VIP transfers from and to both airports.

Does the flight landing time matter for the pick-up?

No, it does not. You'll be expected outside the arrivals regardless of your flight landing time. You can decide freely when choosing your flight because we pick you up 24/7. Just keep your case manager always informed.

What do I have to do when I arrive at the airport?

When you arrive at the airport, please look our for the person waiting for you with a sign with the your case manager will mantion you. If you can't see the sign, go to the meeting point previously arranged and call your case manager from there.

Which are Istanbul's main attractions?

Istanbul is the 8th biggest tourist attraction in the world. It is a city rich with history, culture and food. Look up at global websites like Tripadvisor and Airbnb, so that you can enrich your dental treatment experience with the riches of Istanbul.

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